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I am on the both sides of this!  I have a teenage daughter, if you have read previous post, you know I have had my share of issues we are going through.  I know she is trying to be a good daughter and I know I am trying to be a good parent.  I know we fail at our attempts.

This post is not about my teenage daughter, but about myself.

I am trying to be the good daughter and have done just about everything I know to do to be that.  My parents got a divorce and I moved my father in with me.  I wanted him to be close to my kids and to be a good grandparent.  I also wanted to give back the help that I was given when I needed it.

There is only so much of being the good daughter I can handle and I am at the end of my rope.  I have tried hard to overlook the fact his room is a disaster (it is getting harder to since he is on insulin and never disposes of his containers of needles!) I have also tried to overlook the fact that chasing women and going to the bars is the most important thing to him.

My husband, son and I went away for the weekend because we needed a drama free weekend!  This was too much to ask because on the last night I got a call at 1am.  My dad informed me he was in a motorcycle accident, but he was ok.  He was afraid he was being taken to jail and charged with a dwi.  I woke my sister and her husband up and we sat at the table discussing my father and what to do next.

Then on Sunday we tried to call my dad all day to see if he was in jail, a hospital or at home.  He waited till 7:30 at night to finally call me back to let me know he was at home and that he needed to go back to the hospital on Monday.  I yelled at him for drinking and driving and he tried to claim that he wasn’t.

I love my father but I don’t know how much of him acting like a kid I can take anymore.  I am to the point that I can’t deal with him anymore and I am making my husband do it.