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Family Tree:

Reworking the family tree so I can have as accurate of records as possible.  It is aggravating I didn’t do it this way to begin with!


I added a new poem to Poetry: Prior to 2002.  If you want to read the one posted today or the ones posted in the past you can find the links here.

Teenage Daughter:

I went to double check that everything was ok with my savings account when I noticed that my debit card had removed 1 $20 atm, 1 $200 atm, tried to remove 1 $60 and 1 $780.  Thankfully the bank flagged the card as fraud and did not let the last 2 go through.  I asked my daughter if she had the card and she told me she had the one that was linked to her savings.  I told her it is not, it is just linked to mine. She told me that it was a lie.  I told her that she knew she didn’t have that much in her savings account.  I asked for the card back and she refused.  So I called the bank and canceled it.  I can’t even protect my money without being the bad guy!  Being a mother to a teenage daughter is not an easy task!!!