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Day Out With Hubby:

Husband was complaining he wanted to cut the yard but the lawn mower we had broke down.  So we headed to town to get him a new one.  My dad didn’t feel like going so we had him babysit, first time out of the house in a long time without our 3 year old.  That turned out to be a big mistake because he didn’t change his diaper once!!

We stopped first for lunch, Texas Road House…love the restaurant and the steaks!!  Then off to Walmart for an oil change (over $80 ouch!!!) and the lawn mower.  I snuck in the purchase of a purse, 1 skein of yarn and a circular knitting needle.

That took the day away so no house cleaning or crocheting for me yet.  I am going to try to get some done this evening.  I did get to level 10 on Charm King Pot of Gold challenge.  Yep, I am addicted to this game!!!


I am turning all my yarn stash into balls, and hoping the tedious work of it will keep me from buying insane amounts.  It is wishful thinking I know.


I added another poem today to the Poetry: Prior to 2002.  If you missed it or would like to check out the other poems you can go to the poetry page here.