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Yarn Balls:

I had this bright idea tonight to put all my yarn stash into balls.  One of them is a Jumbo Red Heart Super Saver.  I have really small hands (kids size hands I swear) and this was not an easy task!  Next time I will definitely get my husband to do it (will have to find something to bribe him with)!

Comic Con:

There is a Comic Con coming to Houston at the end of next month.  We are thinking about going to it and my son wants to dress up as Iron Man.  So if you have some good crochet patterns for Iron Man costume items please let me know.   If you have ever attended one, can you let me know if you can bring chairs?  My friend and I can’t do a lot of walking, I am still having to use a walking boot and my friend has problems with his feet and wears a special boot.  I really don’t want the lack of being able to walk keep me from experiencing it.

Knitting Issues:

All I have is size 10 (6.00 mm) knitting needles but having a tough time finding an easy pattern to use with them.  It looks like I am going to need to invest in more knitting needles.  To all my knitter friends out there, what sizes would you recommend?

Cat problem:

The cat problem at my house is getting out of control.  We went from 2 stray cats to 6 stray cats.  Besides urinating everywhere we are now finding fleas.  I have no animals and we shouldn’t have to deal with fleas!  So if you have some good ideas that helps keep cats away please let me know.  It has to be safe to do with a 3 year old (who eats anything or tries).

What I am Watching:

I finished Z Nation today and now onto Bones.  I was disappointed in Z Nation and was very happy when it was over.  I love Bones, so happy to re-watch it and add it to my list of shows for the year!  If you have a favorite tv series please comment the name.  Always looking for the next show to watch.  Since I work from home it gives me lots of tv time.  (I can’t just do one thing at a time, makes my brain crazy!) If you are interested in seeing the list of shows I have watched this year, click here.