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I have 9 out of 159 purple squares made for my sister’s blanket.  It would be nice to have it finished before I go to my sister’s house on the 9th, but I think that may be wishful thinking.


I haven’t cooked in my kitchen for over 2 weeks now and every dish was dirty again!  So after I got off work my husband and I started cleaning it.  I was happy to see my daughter come home right after school.  That hasn’t happened in awhile!  Is it sad I was excited about her asking me for money??  My son got to spend some time with her and that made him happy!  I know it doesn’t fix everything that has happened but it is a start.  I am hoping we have many more stepping stones like tonight.


This week I have currently sold

  1. 12 Baby Jars $1.00
  2. Kids slide $5.00
  3. Decorative ladder $3.00

What I am watching:

Magic Mike and Znation


I didn’t realize one important part of the equation when picking the day to move.  I am unable to get the loan I needed until next year.  So we have to stay here for another year.  I am not happy about the delay in moving but it does have a few pros.

  1. Will be able to take out a larger loan when the time comes if needed, which means a nicer car!
  2. Will be able to do more research on the location we choose to move to and other locations so we make the best possible choice.
  3. I will be able to get my other work loan paid off and the house we are currently in paid off without counting on a loan.
  4. I will have more time to get the drama in this town dealt with so I don’t have to take it with me.