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My cousin was down visiting his mom so we all went to dinner.  It was nice getting away from this town for a couple of hours.


Today I am focused on making the blocks for my sister’s monkey blanket.  I have so many to do and not very far.  What are you working on?

What I am Watching:

Just finished the TV Series THE KILLING and currently watching TWILIGHT.  If you want a complete list of TV shows and movies I have watched this year click here.


If you missed the earlier post, added another poem.  You can find it and the other poems prior to 2002 here.

You’ve Got Mail:

I looked out my door because I heard commotion in front of my house today and to my surprise was a big box.  I received my binding machine!  Yes, I am super excited to start putting together poem books and genealogy books!  I will be trying to find other projects for it too!