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Dr. Appointment:

I went to see the foot doctor today and he prescribed me more pain medicine and told me I didn’t need to come back unless I was having complications.  It could take a year for my foot to heal all the way but he seen no reason for me to need surgery.  He said I could just call if I needed a refill on pain medicine.  That is good news!  I just wish it meant the end to the pain when I walked!


My aunt wants some pot holders to go in her kitchen and found some really cute grape themed ones.  I bought some yarn so I could make some for her.  I have so many craft projects started and really need to get them done.  I keep using them as an excuse not to pack.  Got to force myself not to procrastinate to long!  I bought some really cute chocolate molds on Wish.  I am hoping they work great, it is hit or miss on there!


Found out this morning that my daughter lost her baby.  My heart breaks for her more than she will ever know!  She is too young to have to go through such heartache! She said cruel things and I pray she will heal and we can work on our broken relationship.  I live in the same house, but I feel like we live oceans apart!!