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I am going to spend the rest of the evening trying to finish some crochet projects and packing.  I hope everyone has a great evening!

Dr. Visit:

I have another dr. visit on Thursday.  I am hoping he tells me it is still healing good.  Since I am on the brace and not the boot I end up taking a lot more pain pill then I like.  I am hoping that is just part of the process and not because I am taking a step back!


We moved the water into my dad’s name.  One less thing we need to worry about.  Also my son lost his room because of the mess he made and that helps moving a little easier.  We are now putting all the boxes we have finished packing in there.  Will be easier to see what we have completed and what we still need to do.

Graduation Blanket:

I finished the football block for my daughters graduation blanket.  You can see it here!


Added another poetry link to PRIOR TO 2002.  You can also take a look and the poetry list to come.