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My daughter packed up all the memories we made into a box and left it at the front door.  It broke my heart that she is willing to just toss it all out like it doesn’t mean anything.  It made me so angry and hurt and part of me thinks it is ok to feel this way and the other part of me is thinking it is her choice and I need to let her make it.

My foot was hurting extremely bad and it seems better now.  I wonder if it will ever heal but have to have faith it will.  I am tired of needing a walking boot or foot brace.  Hopefully it will only be a little longer now.

Emotional wreck I am in is working out for me since I am getting some of the house work done.  Laundry should be completely caught up in a couple of hours and I am working on going through what to keep and what to get rid of.

I have been working on a teddy bear, I just have one leg and the tail left.  Then I have to put it together.  It is getting done faster than a blanket.  So hopefully Monday I can get it in the mail and then just have 4 more pay it forward gifts to complete.

I hope you are having a great weekend!  Did you start or finish any projects?