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She loved touring her neighbor’s houses, especially when no one was home.  There was no better way of finding out who a person was than to see the items they tried so hard to hide from the rest of the world.  The items they hid in the bottom drawer in the back, under the mattress or in the toilet roll holder.

No one suspected her, she knew enough about everyone to write a book.  The things she didn’t know it wouldn’t be long till she found out.  She had a need deep inside her to know, but she didn’t understand why.  It had always been like that for her, but she never spoke to anyone about it.  The only sign was the journals she kept hidden in a secret place behind the bookshelf.

Her latest victim was the man who just moved two doors down.  She had been watching him for weeks now.  She learned as much as she could from the outside, but now it was time to dive into the deep corners of his home.  She hoped he was done unpacking, but she hadn’t seen empty boxes taken from the house now in days.  The last time she walked past his house she overheard him talking about leaving for a business trip.  He should be gone for a couple days.

As quietly as she could she walked to his home.  She reached for the back door and turned the knob.  She was thankful to find it unlocked and ready for her to enter.  She looked around the home and found most of the boxes had been removed, but a few remained.  Those thing would be safe from her eyes for the moment.  She would start in the bedroom and work her way out.

The bedroom was where a person sleeps and feels they can best protect their secrets.  Especially a single man who didn’t have to worry about the prying eyes of a wife.  She opened his closet and found a trunk in the back.  It was locked, not usual for this area!  She felt the excitement bubble up inside her.  Locked trunks meant deep dark secrets, and she was going to find his!