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He said I should serve his drink with a smile on my face

Said he wanted to see me happy now and always

He doesn’t know what my life has been like

About the man who just took off one night


I was dead on my feet when he walked by

He sat down and asked about my night

I wondered why he was taking the time

To talk about what was on my mind


We walked to the dance floor hand in hand

He held me close through the last dance

The night slowly came to an end

He asked if he could see me again


Two weeks later I had a smile on my face

For this was to be my wedding day

I had finally figured out

The love people talked about


The preacher said ” You can now kiss the bride”

He pulled me close, I felt so much pride

As we walked down the aisle together

I knew this night had turned into forever


By: Meggan Moore