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TV Series:

Currently Watching: Haven -Season 1-5.   I am on Season 3 Episode 2.

Cute Saying of the day:

My son was standing on the bed shaking his butt and saying “Shake your birthday cake”.  It made me giggle.  I love this kid to death.

Family Drama:

My husband went to the store to get us some late night snacks.  Got harassed over the drama from yesterday.  I am very proud of him for not responding to her and minding his own business.  He did respond to the drama on face book though.  They are claiming we were getting violent because he called the cops.  He called the cops because he wanted to avoid violence.  Isn’t that what the cops are here for, to hold the peace?

Craft Updates:

Circular Vest: I am on row 26 of 32.  I should be able to get it in the mail tomorrow!

Graduation Afghan: Blocks needed: Dominique, music notes, student counsel, mascot)  Hopefully these will be enough to finish it.

Monkey Blanket: Need 529 blocks, 4 complete.  I keep changing how I want to make it.  Think I am going to stick to this one.

Adult Braided Pony Tail hat: Need to locate a pattern or create one.


How was your day?