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 Circular Vest:

I am on row 17 of 32.  The drama of the day kept me from being farther along on it, but hoping I can finish it tomorrow.  I really want to get it in the mail this week.  I am looking forward to packaging it up and writing the note that goes with it.

Family Drama:

Tonight my husband and my dad went to get my daughter’s truck.  The guy living on his brother’s property said he would not move his car so they could get to the truck. (Truck was in the pastor across the street, that my husband is supposed to be inheriting.)  He threatened to shoot my dad with my son in the truck so they came home and my husband called the cops.  So the cop went and told him he could either move them or have them towed his choice.  We got the truck back to our house and they had started taking it apart.  How are you going to tear someone else’s vehicle up??

We thought it was all said and done, but then the guy called the police and claimed my husband called him threating him and that he wanted to press charges.  So the police called my husband and he said nope never called him today, you can come check my phone.  How immature can someone be to file a false police report!

TV Series:

Finished Seasons 1-11 of Criminal Minds today.  Now onto Haven which has 5 seasons.  It wont take long before we finish this one! (Clearly we stay home a lot!)