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Cute Saying of the Day:

My 3 year old came to me and said ” I am Joey Michael Moore, I am a diamond in the sky”.  It made me smile!


She has an appointment Monday at 10 am. Hoping to get an ultrasound appointment quickly after.


I tried to work on it a bit this afternoon but a lot of drama going on today! I can’t wait to get out of this town! It never ends here!!


I had someone come to my house to ask about an unfortunate ex house guest who was on the sex offender list.  So when the guy asked if I knew who I was talking about I said yes he is a sex offender, his response “Oh, I didn’t know that”.  This is my tallest soap box and I will shout it from the hillside.  I think we all need to keep everyone we know or meet informed of those people to help keep kids safe.  The top reason I will no longer help people out by letting them live with me!!!