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Craft Projects:

Graduation blanket: Why oh Why did I think it would go faster than what it is going?  I don’t have the patience for projects that are long term lol.  I started out where I wanted to make all the blocks and then fit them together like Tetris.  I wanted to see what the blanket looked like now! So I took the biggest blocks that were finished and started making rows till I felt it was long enough (or close).  With no border it is measuring 42″x 46″.  I think I am going to add her name to the top to make it a little longer.

Black Circular Vest: I purchased the yarn I need to make it and the box to ship it when it is done.  I will start making it tomorrow when I get off work.


My daughter informed me she would be letting me take her to her doctor’s appointment this month.  I guess her boyfriend’s step mom decided she didn’t want to pay for it.  I wont admit I am happy I get to take her.  She is using the same dr. I used for my son.

TV Series

I am on season 10 of 11 of Criminal Minds.  I want to watch Bates Motel next.


The weekend is now over…hope everyone has a great week!