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Graduation Blanket: Graduation Block # 1-7 and Block # 8 .  I started working on connecting what was finished and I still have a lot more blocks to go!  I love how the bubble stich looks and think I am going to do some musical notes with it.  I still need to make a French Horn and honor ribbon.  I think I want the honor ribbon to drape over both sides.

Work: Had my evaluation today.  It was the same thing I hear every year.  I keep hoping for this creative and exciting evaluation that never comes.  Guess I got into the wrong field for that.  Now they want me to do more EXCEL training (not excited)..

Hobby: Tonight I will be making a trip to town to get the yarn I need for the circular vest and the blanket I sold.  Time to get busy and make them!

Family Drama: It has hit an all time high.  My husbands aunt was going to buy a car from us, she had it checked out and left a bill on it.  So we can’t get it back until the bill is paid.  So we have her RV and told her as soon as she pays us the money for the car she could come get the RV.  She refuses to pay for the car and I refuse to give her the RV back.  So my husbands other Aunt was holding some items of my dads for me and now she refuses to give them back till the RV is given back.  I have learned my lesson.  You can’t help family out!!!

Move:  With all the new Family Drama my husband quit fighting me on moving.  We are not going to move all the way up to Iowa like I wanted but we are going to move to North Texas.  We will still be close enough to visit my daughter without having to live in dramaville.  We are hoping to move by July or Aug 1.

Hope your weekend is a great one!