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  1. 1-16-2017: My 3 year old son was playing with my boobs.  I told him to stop and that it was not nice to play with other people’s boobs.  His response.  You’re not other people you are mommy!
  2. 1-18-2017:  My 3 year old son comes running into the bedroom screaming I need help.  I just look up at him and before I can say anything he said I am not talking to you, I need daddy!
  3. 1-29-2017: On the way to the store my 3 year old got mad.  Said he couldn’t ride his motorcycle because it was broken.  I asked him what was wrong with it and he told me it was out of gas.
  4. 1-29-2017: My 3 year old runs into the room and gives me a big hug and I tell him I love him.  He starts shaking his butt and asked if I loved his baby butt too.