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Created.By.Meggan:  I am super excited!  I decided I really want to try a craft show.  So I started making items for it.  1st item being a multi blue circular vest.  I posted it to Facebook and let everyone know the price and that they could custom order in any color.  I got an order.  It is the first official sell of all (and 2017).  I am hoping that means 2017 holds for great success!

Family Drama: My husbands aunt begged us to sell them an old car we had.  So we agreed to sell it to them.  They asked my husband to tow it to a mechanics shop where the guy told them what was wrong and they decided they didn’t want to buy it.  They racked up a bill having it looked at and now doesn’t want to pay it so we can get the car back.  So we told them they needed to bring us back the car or pay for it before they could have their rv back.  They are now talking about having us put in jail for not giving it back.  We don’t want it just the car they claimed to buy!  It is sad to try and help family out and they take advantage of it.  It made a good day go to the dumps real fast!