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Health: I found a similar ankle brace at Walmart for $15 instead of purchasing the one at the doctor for $50.  I think I over walked today because my foot was hurting me like crazy!

Crochet: I purchased the yarn to crochet a circular vest.  I worked on it for a little bit tonight with the wrong size hook, but I got the hang of the beginning part.  Now I can take it out and do it right.  I am hoping it comes out great.  I have had a few people interested in purchasing some, but want to make sure I could do it before I committed to it.

Yesterday I finished the sugar skulls and sewed the ribbon for the mouth.  I just need to finish the ribbon flowers for the eyes.  The last step will be crocheting the chain and the garland will be finished.

Weight Loss:  I bought a scale today and I will buy the tennis shoes tomorrow.  I plan to weigh and measure myself first thing in the morning.  Since I have another long day of shopping tomorrow I will wait till Monday to start at the gym.  I don’t want to over work my foot.

2017 is starting to look up for me and hoping that it will keep getting better!