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My son pulls up on his motorcycle and the engines revs “Vroom Vroom”.  He asked me if I wanted to take a ride.  Who can resist such a precious face?  So he backs his motorcycle up to me and I put my hands around his waist.  He told me to hold on tight because he doesn’t want to lose me.  So I link my fingers together and hold on tight!

We lean to the left and then lean to the right.  The motor constantly revving, “Vroom Vroom”. It is the best motorcycle ride ever, but then something happens…

He decides it is more important to wear a seat belt than to give his mommy a ride.  So one arm stays around the waist as the other crosses over his shoulder.  He refuses to start the motorcycle up until he hears the click of the seat belt.  Once he hears “Click” off he goes again.

I love his imagination and love the motorcycle ride…