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Health:   Good News! As soon as I get an ankle brace and a new pair of tennis shoes I can start walking without the walking boot.  He said if I have to walk for extended periods or if my foot starts hurting to use my boot.  Other than that I can use the brace, but I can not walk bare footed.  He also gave me the green light to go back to the gym!  Makes me happy!

Crochet: I have the base of all the skulls needed for my sugar skull garland.  I just need to embellish them and make the chain.  I am hoping to get it finished by Sunday.  I also may have two circle vest to make, I am just charging for the yarn since it is family and I haven’t done one yet.  Waiting to find out if they still want me to make it or not.  If not I am going to see if my daughter wants one so I can still make one.

Taxes: I received my W2 today and filed my taxes (no need sitting on that!) Hopefully will get the money by mid Feb.  Just don’t tell my husband I plan on spending a nice little portion on yarn!  I found a website to get 4 pounds for $10.  I wanted to purchase a few of those and see how I like the selection!

Blog: If you haven’t noticed I revised the way my blog was set up.  I think I am happy with it (for now).  So plan to put my poetry back on it.

House:  I need to focus on doing some house work.  So in between checking out blogs and embellishing my sugar skulls, I will be doing laundry and general cleaning.

I hope you had a great Thursday!