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Family Tree:  I am starting to get some organization to the family tree books.  I wanted to share it on my blog since it is a huge time consuming project.  Trying to update per post was getting to much so I decided to make pages.  If you are interested you can click here for the books I am actively working.  Each book links to chapters.

WISH: I received another item on Wish.  It was 10 rolls of tape, mostly Paris theme.  It kind of makes me want my daughter to choose a Paris theme for the baby’s room if it is a girl!  I was hoping my crochet hooks would come in, but it is nice to get packages periodically!

Health: Tomorrow I go to the doctor to see if I can get out of the walking boot.  Hopefully he says it is ok and that I can get back into the gym.  I have a lot of excess weight I need to shed as soon as possible.

Facebook Pay It Forward:  I want to put together 5 gift baskets.  I am brainstorming what all I want to go in it.  I am thinking a mixture of crochet and baked good items.  I haven’t mailed baked goods through the mail before and not sure what is good to send.  If you have good suggestions on what holds good through the mail please let me know.