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Health: I think I caught a stomach bug from my son.  His went away within 48 hours so I am hoping mine will be gone by Monday.   Thursday I go in for a doctor’s appointment and for my daughter’s first baby doctor visit.  Hopefully I will get out of my boot and her appointment will go great!

Craft: I have about 10 more rows and the outline to finish my daughters next block to her afghan.  Hopefully I will get the pictures of it taken and the pattern up tonight.  If not it will definitely be posted tomorrow.  My husband’s niece found out recently she is pregnant too, so her theme for the baby if it is a girl will be sugar skulls.  So I will be getting yarn and will start on making things for her theme.  I figure if she ends up having a boy I will just sell the items I make for her.

Family Tree:  Posted a status here and I realized how much I still need to do for the 1st chapter of each of the 1st books.  I’ll work more on it tomorrow but happy with the results from today.

TV Series: I am on Season 3 of 11 of Criminal Minds.  Since I slept till 9am this morning, I am sure I will get several episodes watched tonight!

Hope you had a great Saturday!