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Today has been an emotional one.  My daughter and I got into it.  Heard the words no mother ever wants to hear “I hate you” and said the words no mother ever wants to say “Pack your stuff and get out then”.  At this moment she has not left and I am thankful for that.

I don’t know who because my daughter refused to tell me, but someone is going around saying I want her to have an abortion.  To ensure she has an abortion I am trying to stress her out.  This makes me extremely angry because it is so far from the truth.  Ever since I found out she fractured her pelvic bone I have been worried about what the effects of it will have on her. I even asked the specialist about it.

Basically she was hearing and seeing what she wanted instead of talking to me about it.  I told her if she wanted me to pay for her to go to the doctor I had to hear what was going on and be part of it.  If she didn’t want me to hear and be part of it than she needed to have her boyfriend take her.  Of course she said he couldn’t afford it and didn’t want to pay for any of her visits.

His step mom told Dominique that I needed to drop her from my medical insurance so she could sign up for Medicaid.  I told her it wasn’t happening so she got all angry at me.  Obviously they don’t understand how medical insurance goes.  I told her I can not drop her from my medical until the new enrollment comes around which will be Jan 2018.  I make to much money to get Medicaid.  She would have to wait till she is 18.

I love my daughter and I wish she would see that I do want the best for her.  Teenagers are the best at breaking your heart…