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Need to familiarize yourself with what an ABC poem is click here.

This one I am using a previously written poem.  ABC poems are really difficult and this one took many years to finish. It is not exactly, but as close to the ABC form as I will probably ever get.

A Cry In The Night

Children are born into this world

Their hopes, desires already hurled

Into the cross fire and the screams

Hope to the children, only a dream


Their parent’s go into an outrage

They face tears and pain for another day

With open minds look into their life

Listen there is a cry in the night


Afraid, Alone

Locked in a closet, her parents never home

Battered, Bruised

He is another victim of child abuse

Critcized, Crucified

She is left alone to die

Drugs, Death

He waits for his last breath

Embitter, Exiled

They were only going to be gone for a little while

Fear, Fate

He believes it is too late

Groggy, Gagged

She is told she is always bad

Hate, Hell

He claims he only fell

Ignored, Infuriated

She fears their unearthly ways

Jealous, Judged

He only wants to be hugged

Kicked, Killed

More tears will be spilled

Latent, Lost

Another time he was forgot

Mimicked, Mocked

In her room she is always locked

Neglected, Nervous

Everything he did made them furious

Orphan, Omit

He feels the pain where he was hit

Pretense, Pretend

Their broken hearts never mend

Quack, Quail

Where her life is heading only time can tell

Refused, Rejected

He was always neglected

Sorrow, Shame

To her it is always the same

Tattered, Torn

Each day adds another thorn

Used, Useless

She must clean up another mess

Visualize, Victimized

He only remembers the lies

Weapons, War

She has nothing to fight for

Xenophobia, Xanthippe

He waits till his time to leave

Youth, Years

Forgotten through the tears

Zounds, Zany

In his heart it is always rainy


You have heard their stories, your heart can’t deny

For the sake of the children, end the cries in the night

By: Meggan Moore