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Things are not getting any easier with my daughter.  She was coughing and asked me to take her to the doctor.  So I had my husband take her to the clinic and they tested her negative for strep.  She just had the common cold.  Since I wanted her to hang out with the family instead of seeing her boyfriend (we had out of town family), she went into a coughing fit and claimed she was going to lose her baby if I didn’t take her to the doctor.  So I took her to the ER where she informed me she didn’t want me to know any of her personal business.  They tested her negative for Strep, UTI and the Flu.  She then let me know that her boyfriend’s step mom would be taking her to all her baby doctor’s appointments.  I want the best for my daughter but I don’t know what else to do.  I still have a 3 year old to be around for and the stress of the teenager is getting to me.  Slept the day away trying to get rid of the migraine the stress has caused.

I forced her to come home after she ran away, but I am starting to wonder if that was the right choice or not.  I don’t know what to do anymore!