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My friend started chemo on Thursday and asked me if I would make her a hat.  I was happy someone was interested in having me crochet for them!  I never made a hat before so I bought a crochet hat book and it was tough (it called for a cable stitch and I never did that before).  I was getting frustrated because I wanted to have her hat done by Thursday so I gave up on the cable stitch and found a simple double crochet stitch hat.

If you need to locate a free pattern for a beanie hat I would recommend this link!

This is a photo of my finished hat.


Now I am doing a throw blanket with the left over yarn.  (SC, HDC,DC,TC).  I like the look of it so far. I will post pictures once I get a little farther on it.

If you know of free crochet patterns that you have tried and loved please drop me a link below.