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She glided in both doors opening for her, she didn’t even notice the men who rushed to open the doors for her.  She passed the deposit/withdraw slips without a thought and ended her journey in front of Joe.  She didn’t get a look of admiration, but one of indifference, or so she thought.

She demanded to clean out her husband’s accounts because she finally made the decision to leave him in the morning. She didn’t want anything to hold her back.  She gave Joe a smile of satisfaction for what she was doing.

She didn’t know that Joe’s wife had done the exact same thing to him when she left him at 21.  He had been saving every penny he could to buy her a home and she walked away from the marriage with every penny.  When she did it awakened the monster inside of him.

He wrote the woman’s address on a slip of paper, he would use it tonight when he would become her last visitor.  It had been 3 years since he took a life, but the desire in him was to strong to ignore.  This one would be his greatest trophy yet!

A banker by day, serial killer by night.