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Daughter’s Accident:

We went to do physical therapy for her today, but the lawyer will not fund it until he knows the outcome of the case on the 19th.  Hopefully it goes in our favor cause I can’t afford $80, 3x a week.  Daughter is still moody and no signs of it getting better.


I bough 3 books from Hobby Lobby today and fixing to start on hats for my friend who is going through Chemo.  Hopefully she will like them.  I also bought patterns to start making diaper covers and baby hats.  They are really cute and hope my daughter will like them.

Sister’s Visiting:

Where my sister lives they are supposed to get freezing temps this weekend so they are going to come visit us.  Now to rush to clean the house up again!  I am going to try and trick her into going through my dad’s stuff with me!  It will be easier to have someone else helping me decide what to do with it.