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TV Shows:

Once Upon a Time: On Season 3 of 5

Crochet Time:

I started a blanket to learn the waffle stich and my son instantly wanted it.  I swear he is my biggest supporter!  So I am going to make him a lap blanket.  Just found out a friend is starting Chemo on Thursday so I want to make her several hats she can wear.  I want to make my daughter a blanket for graduation in May.  Then I have to start crocheting baby items like crazy.  It is going to be a busy year for crocheting for me!

Teenage Daughter

When people say their children make them want to pull their hair out.  I know that feeling.  My daughter already had me stressed with doctors appointments like crazy from her car accident and now we have to start with the baby doctor.  Of course she wants everything to happen yesterday.  She doesn’t understand it doesn’t work like that.  The baby doctor said I would hear back in 3-5 days and she wants me to call every day to find out when her appointment is.  I know I raised her better but I am not seeing the signs!