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My daughter asked if we could have a talk last night and when we did she dropped the bombshell on me “I AM PREGNANT”!!!!

The first thought that came to me is “What about her health?”! Here is a girl who was just recently in a car accident and has 2 fractures in her pelvic bones and her pelvic bones separated.  This is already causing her serious pain that she has to go to physical therapy to try to overcome.  Now she is going to have a pregnancy on top of it.

Not to mention she is only 17 and has not graduated high school yet.  She is supposed to be starting Lamar after the summer break.  I was already worried on how she was going to afford this and now I am worried she is not going to go to college.  Of course she says she will, but from personal experience I know it isn’t easy!

Her boyfriend has been going through jobs like crazy and doesn’t even have a car, so how is he going to afford to raise a child and take care of my daughter??  I already don’t like him and now that is just growing rapid in me!

I did what any mother would do and told her I would stay in town (we planned to move out of state) and I would stand by her side.  Which in return I got the “I wouldn’t have told you if I knew it would keep you from moving speech”

I know I have been told that it isn’t my fault but I can’t help feeling like a failure as a parent and dreading the next 15 years of raising my son.  I just have to keep telling myself she is graduating with honors from high school which is AWESOME and pray like crazy she does follow through with college.

Have you had a daughter in high school come home pregnant?  How did you handle it?