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My daughter is graduating this May and although she is not interested in the family tree, I still want to give her Family Tree books as a Graduation Gift.  I was going to do one large book, and then try to sell copies to go along with her copy.  I decided not everyone is going to care about all sides of her family as she is.

So I am going to create 5 mini books and then make those 1 large book for her.  I will use her grandparents generation as the start of the mini books.  I am was hoping to sell them for 25-30 dollars each.  I know it wont create a huge amount of money but any little bit to help her pay for college will help.

I plan on getting a binding machine at the end of the month to put the books together (I really want one for myself…)

I plan to start each chapter of the book with the ancestor chart, followed by their family group sheets, any documents I locate and photos that I can find.

I hope it is something she will treasure for life!