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The only thing worse than getting bored easily is getting obsessed easily.  Unfortunately both describe me.  Because I get bored easily I get obsessed on new things.  My new obsession takes over and I tend to lack in the other areas.  These are my latest obsessions:

FAMILY TREE: Not only researching but trying to come up with the best book layouts!

PHOTOGRAPHY: I am not a great professional at all, but I love doing it.  I mostly got into it to photograph my daughter who with her new boyfriend has pretty much given up letting me photograph her.  It looks like my son will be getting ovCerly photographed now!

CROCHET/KNITTING: I pretty much have most of the crochet aspect down, but still have a few stiches I need to learn.  Knitting is proving to be a very complicated process and I am not mastering it very well.  Need to find someone who will sit down and teach it to me!

WRITING: It used to be a day couldn’t go by without me writing something, but somewhere over the years it faded from my life.  Although it faded it was not forgotten and I am trying to make more time for it.  Starting with the blog.  I want to get back to writing poetry and fiction again on a daily basis. (It is so good for my mental health!)

SELLING USED JUNK: Don’t laugh at me, but I love the excitement of watching the items I post get bid on and if something catches like wild fire and people start fighting over it, I want to do a jig.  Hopefully it will assist in getting the clutter out of my house (and out of my dad’s mountain!)

KID’S ACTIVITIES: Last and most important, I am obsessed with going to events for my daughter and hopefully very soon for my son.  I like watching them compete, perform, and do something they like or love.  (And photographing them) Today we will go and talk about getting my son into a tumbling class.

What are your obsessions?