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As I sit here, I am staring straight ahead, straight into the MOUTAIN OF CRAP!  I bet your first thought is “Why did she allow herself to get so bad to have a mountain of crap?” and if this was your first thought you would be wrong.

Over 2 years ago my parents decided after 20+ years of marriage they would go their separate ways (Over 10+ years past when they should have).  My mom packaged up everything she didn’t want and told my dad that was his stuff.  So After a couple moves later he settled in at my house.

He told my husband to not stack the boxes because he was going to go through one a day till he got through it all.  The boxes stayed scattered taking up lots of valuable space for over a year.  Then I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I decided I would start going through it… There is no rhyme or reason to the way my mother packed those boxes.  Each one has clothes, dishes, decorations and photos.  I got overwhelmed and just walked away.  Then once again I couldn’t take it anymore…

I told my husband to stack it up against one wall.  I thought it would give me more room and that would make it better.  No, it did not!  Now as I work I see the mountain of crap!  I tried to beg and plead for my father to go through the boxes and he told me nah you can do it.  Really?

So now I have two choices, I can go through the stuff now or in the future!  How am I supposed to know what to keep, get rid of, or throw away?  I am not going to be able to look at the mountain much more, so I will be purchasing Rubbermaid containers and going through and organizing it.

Do you have someone in your family that has a bunch of crap they refuse to go through and you have to do it yourself?