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2017 Goals!

  1. Give up Sodas for the year
  2. Clean and Organize every inch of my house
  3. Lose at least one size and keep it off
  4. Pay off 2 loans and my house
  5. Do a Journal Update every day
  6. Do a big photo shoot at least once a month
  7. To purchase a new car
  8. To watch my daughter graduate high school and start college full time
  9. To go to the gym at least 3x a week
  10. To work on crafts

Health Update

My daughter: She has two fractures in her pelvic bone and her pelvic bone is slightly separated.  She will be going to physical therapy 3x a week for the next 8 weeks.  After that she goes back to the doctor to see if the pain has gotten any better for her.  He said if her knees are still bothering her (because they slammed into each other during the accident) he would check them out for her then.  He said there is a chance the pain from her pelvic bone would last for the rest of her life.

My foot: I went to the doctor last week and he said so far my foot was healing nicely.  That I would come back in 4 weeks to see if it was still healing good.  If it was then I could lose the boot and start wearing tennis shoes.  If it doesn’t keep healing good then we would need to talk about surgery.

My 3 yr old Son

He now has his room back.  Although we have not yet started having him sleep in his room we have been working on him playing and watching tv in there.  It has been nice to get a little adult tv time in!  Once he is more comfortable in his room we plan to start working on him sleeping in there.  We are still working on potty training, but that seems to be slow going too.

Hope you have a great 2017!  Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?