Rizzoli & Isles TV Show


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I finished watching this series yesterday and was sad it ended.  I was happy to see Billy Burke in some of the episodes.  He was in my top 2 of favorite characters from twilight.

If you are looking for a show to watch I definitely recommend this one. If you already seen it and need another show to watch you can check out the other shows I have watched here.



Pokémon Beanie


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My daughter seen the Eevvee baby outfit I made and wanted a Pikachu hat.  Patterns for these are not easy to locate and I didn’t want to buy it so this was my attempt.

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Law in Order: Special Victims Unit


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On Tuesday, 1/22/2019, I finished watching Law in Order: Special Victims Unit Seasons 1-20 Episode 12.  The next Episode airs on 1/31/2019.  I recommend this show!

Are you looking for something new to watch?  Check out my recently watched tv series, I recommend them all.  I have marked the Shows that have ended and the ones still airing.

TV Shows Watched

Crochet Heart Pouch


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My latest project has been crochet heart pouches.  I started selling them for $3 each.  I thought these were perfect for Valentine’s day.  They are pretty simple to crochet up and look really cute.

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Baby Shower Rag Wreath

I have a friend whose daughter is having a baby.  I wanted to do a wreath for her and decided it was a good time to try out the rag wreath.  I have to admit I really like how it turned out.  Although I do need to work on my bows a bit more.  This one is a blue mossy oak, gray and brown color theme.

I plan on making more of these for the next craft show.

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Engagement Throw


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A guy I went to high school with planned out a awesome proposal for Christmas day.  Unfortunately a fire took out the barn where he was storing the lights and other decorations for it.  With help from his friends and family he was able to pull off the proposal and ended up doing it Christmas eve.  I wanted to help them start up their collection of memories and so I made an engagement throw.

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Happy New Year’s


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This is the first year in many years I have not made a New Year’s Resolution.  I am just going to start making monthly goals.  Nothing to major and just to make sure I am accomplishing something.

January Goals

  1. Clean/Organize/Declutter the Kitchen/Laundry area.
  2. Post all completed crafts for sale on my Facebook group Meggan Moore’s Treasure Box (You can check it out to see what I have currently made).
  3. Work on getting vendors for Frontier Days in Iowa Park, TX.
  4. Crochet 10 items.
  5. Start Zumba.

Hope everyone has a great New Years!!

Craft Show’s 1-3 Summary



I now done 3 craft shows and to be honest I don’t feel I have learned what I need to know to do them on my own, but each time I am learning more and getting better!

Show 1: Sold 2 items : Made $10 – No Booth $10 profit

Show 2 Sold 4 items: Made $20 Booth and Fees $10.43 Profit $9.57

Show 3 Sold 17 items: Made $37 Booth and fees $5 Profit $32

In between craft shows I have done a few special orders and sold 4 items and made $21

I am at a total of $62.57 in profit.  The good thing is I get to hang out with my friends and have a chance to sell items I make.  Starting 1/1/2019 I will start keeping up with the items I buy.  Right now I am mostly using up items I already have.

For me since I do not have a lot of product made, I feel the important thing is to keep the price of the booth low. From other blogs I read some people say they have shows where they don’t sell anything.  In this regards I am doing good since I sold at each one so far.  Since I was getting started my packaging and signs have not been very professional.  This next show I will be focused mostly on packaging and signs.  Since it will be so close to Christmas, I want to make most items packaged for immediate gift giving for those who don’t want to bother with it.

It is really hard because I have to find what sells best and I have not yet done that.  I don’t know if it is because of my packaging or prices.  I will be lowering some prices for the next show and hopefully handing out a lot of business cards.  After this show I will be focusing on my Facebook group to offer the items for sell that way!

It is a work in progress but I am looking forward to how it looks by the end of next year!

1st Craft Show October 6, 2018



1st Craft Show October 6, 2018 : Halloween Zombiepalozza

My first craft show was Saturday October 6 for the Halloween Zombiepalozza.  This event was put on to raise money and awareness for Base Camp Lindsey.  Base Camp Lindsey is a little village created for homeless vets to get the help they need and back on their feet.

My friend was generous enough to cover my entry fee this time.


Booth Fee: $0

# of Items: 77

$ Amt to Sell: $283

Amt Sold: $10

# of items sold: 2

Special Note: Event rained out

It started out really good.  I sold my  2 items very quickly.  Then another woman came up to the booth super excited about my Soap Dish Dresses.  I gave her my information so I could make her a custom one for her anniversary.  Then the rain hit and washed out the event.

I am not disappointed because I did sell (it could have been worse) and I got to spend the day hanging out with my friend.  People took photos at the photo back drop I had created. The following is the list of helpful advice I learned from my 1st show!

Helpful Advice

  1. Don’t use a tarp that is 10x’s to big with high winds
  2. Don’t forget to check to make sure you have the tie down stakes for your canopy
  3. Don’t give up just because your event rains out
  4. Do make sure to have extra battery chargers **charged** so you can charge your phone
  5. Don’t stress over display.  Do the best you can the first time and then try to improve each time after.
  6. Take a picture of your display each time so you can work to improve


My friend and I are going to try our luck with another craft show.  This one is an indoor one!! Oct 13-14, 28th Annual Wilbarger Regional Craft Show.  I will update on how this event goes.

I hope my craft show journey can assist someone else in their journey!

Craft Show – How much to make!

Craft Show – How much to make!


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How much should I make and bring to a craft show?  I have searched this question a lot, have you?  Also how much variety to bring etc etc etc.  No one gives you the magic number!!!  Found some that say 10xs the booth fee, enough to replace the items sold on your table (I am not a future teller (I wish)).

My friend asked me to do a craft booth on Oct. 6 at the Zombie Palooza.  My half of the booth is $15.  (If I don’t make the money back, it is ok because the money is going towards building a Veterans village to help them get back on their feet).

$15 x 10 = $150.  That will be my initial goal of items to make and have available for sale.  As for amount, I have set a limit of 15 of each item.  I don’t want to be stuck with 50 items of something that wont sale.  Is this going to be too much or too little.  To be honest I have no idea!  I feel this is a good starting point.

Now the work of getting these items made has begun.  I also have to think about how to display them. I haven’t been to a craft fair in forever!  I have never done one myself so it should be interesting.

I still have some of my dirt cheap items that I need to get rid of.  So I am going to bring them a$nd have boxes of these items for $1 each or $.50 each with purchase of a craft item.