Love Gone Wrong


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You were the one I loved

I needed you so much

Felt emotions I never felt before

It was another closing of the door

I never imagined love would die

I would lay down, never want to try

You took away the chance to live

Heartache was all you had to give

I was lost in the world I once knew

Was scared and didn’t know what to do

Plans I carefully made crumbled and fell

A love gone wrong story for me to tell

Happy ever after, a faded memory

A promise spoken, but no truth to its story

And I should not have put my trust in you

Love shouldn’t be helpless and scary too

I knew better than to give you faith

The bitterness is all that I taste

Time will slip away I have nothing to show

Just the feeling of defeat, feeling so low

May take a few years or maybe more

I promise the tears will fall no more


By: Meggan Moore


You can find more work here.

Holder and Coaster

I finished a Pokémon Ultra Ball Gift Card/ Money Holder.  I am thinking I need to rethink it because I don’t like it as much as the others.


I also made a set of Pokémon Ball coasters.


That concludes my projects for this weekend.  This week I plan on making 3 more sets of the Pokémon Coasters and working on creating some more Pokémon coasters.  I also want to create some Pokémon freeze pop holders and work on doing more Ninja turtle items.


Gift Cards/Money Holders


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I started making Gift Cards/Money Holders.  They are part of the items I will be selling at my first show.

Blue holder with black edging and a black bow.


Pokémon Ball.


Pokémon Great Ball.


I plan on making Ultra and Master Ball ones too.  That post will be coming soon!

3-25-2017 Journal Update


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Sorry posting late again today.  Was a late night and I slept in late today (which is very unusual)!

Helping Family:

We were supposed to go finish the yard up for my aunt, but the rain kept us from doing that.  So instead we helped her clean 5 of the 6 ceiling fans in her house.  This is a job people overlook doing but that needs done.  My husband hung another blind for her in the living room.  We put stuff in the storage bin above the closet that she couldn’t reach without a ladder.

My husband stepped on the ladder and one of the rungs broke.  So I had to yell at my aunt to stay off of it!  That she needed to call for help if she needed something done before it could be replaced.

She took us to eat at a Cajun restaurant to thank us for helping her.  I thought the burger was less than desirable but her and my husband loved the crawfish.  Since it was mostly my husband helping her I just smiled and let them eat!

We ended the night talking in the kitchen eating banana bread.  I finally looked at my phone and said OMG it is time for us to go.  It was a few minutes from midnight!

If the rain stays away my husband will go back on Wednesday to finish the mowing and her place will be ready for my other aunts visit.  Now to focus on cleaning my house!

Hope your weekend is going great!

I Love You


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I love you, so easy for a child to know

I love you, with a heart full of love they will show

Their hearts so eager to full fill their destiny

Heartache is their last worry, love is all they see


I want to love like a child once again

Remember the feelings when love first begins

Look down the path, no matter what is in store

You gave me love and I couldn’t ask for more


Your love takes me back to my younger years

With your patience you’ve washed away my fears

My love for you grows stronger every day

Holding tight wont let our love slip away


To make you happy is my life’s goal

And with your love you have filled my soul

Whatever it takes, know I will do

Anything to show I love you


By: Meggan Moore

3-24-2017 Journal Update


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Helping Family:

Today was all about helping family, specifically my aunt.  She has a to do list a mile long and so we tried to mark off as much as we could today.  My other aunt (her sister) is coming to visit on Thursday and my aunt wants her house as nice as she can get it before then.

My dad and husband took the boards off her back porch that were rotted and some that were burnt through.  They replaced them with good boards, didn’t get it all done but it is now safer to walk on.  My husband and I did some weed eating and I did a little raking of the dead grass that was piling up around the house.

My husband helped her clean up her back shed a little bit but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.  My dad said he would like to paint her house but we need to get a sprayer first.  I will have to look online and see if I can find an inexpensive one.

I bought my aunt a rose bush because I felt like planting something.  I didn’t feel like putting it at my house because it floods and we can’t keep the neighbors dogs and cats off our property.  Now when I go to my aunt’s house I can watch the bush grow.

My aunt needed her cell phone battery replaced and I tried to but it was an epic failure!  I couldn’t get one of the screws out and neither could my aunt. Thankfully she was able to get it back together so she could still have a phone to use!

We took one of our roku’s to her house and set it up so she could watch Netflix and Amazon prime if she wanted.  I was unable to get it set up in her living room and so my husband was finally able to get it set up in her bedroom.  We were having severe electronic issues!

On a personal note:

My son finally got a hair cut and trust me when I say it was much needed!!  I think it came out cute, but I may be a little bit biased.



Created By Meggan!


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I have been trying to decide if I was ready to start a business with my crafts and I keep talking myself out of it.

So I thought maybe doing a flea market was a good way to test the waters.  For the flea market here in town you have to have a sales tax number.  So I decided to jump both feet into this business (to a point).  I am going to start with a sole proprietorship which is easy to dissolve if you decide a business is not for you.

The first Friday I have off that is at the same time as the flea market is in June.  So June 9th is going to be the grand opening so to speak. My goal is at least 6 of every item with at least $1,000 worth of product.

I don’t know if this is right or not, but I wont know until I give it a try.  So if you have any good tips or know of any blogs or links that would be helpful, please include them in the comments below.

I am looking forward to this new journey and hope that it works out better than I expect!

Crochet Ninja Turtle Mask


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I found this great pattern for a Crochet Ninja Turtle Mask, if you are in need of one please check it out.

I made one up for my son and he love it!


I want to try craft shows and my husband and I discussed it last night and he suggested for my first time only making 6 of everything.  To let people order if they needed more.  We are going to try the local flea market first to see what kind of reaction I get and then go from there.  So to start with I am going to make 6 of each color; blue, orange, red, and purple.

Here is the picture of my son wearing it, I know he needs a haircut bad!





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Sorry I am a day late getting this post out.  It was a crazy day since I had my son by myself and still had to work.

Dad Update:

My husband took my dad to the VA Hospital in Houston.  They pulled wood, grass, and etc out of his ear.  Said his ear drum was completely gone.  They are going to see how he is doing in a week and do a cat scan.  They said the next step was probably surgery where he would have to do a skin graft and get screws put in his ears.

They told him he would not be able to drive for another 4-8 months.  Which puts a cramp on us moving again.

What’s in the Mail:

I got in 1 of 2 Styrofoam pieces for my daughters money cake.  I also got in my row counter to make crocheting so much easier! My new head phones came in too.  I am happy about those!

Family Tree Book:

Trying to do the family tree book for my daughter for graduation was becoming a bit overwhelming.  So I decided to break it down into smaller books.  I just need to finish the family group sheets and the first book which will include the first 5 generations on both sides will be done.  I figure that takes the stress off of me and then I can start focusing on making other books.


Wedding Bliss


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Everyone will gather to hear what I already know

Me vow that I will love you with all my heart and soul

I will break the ties with my childhood home

It’s time for me to build one of my own


The butterflies deep down reminds me

There’s so much in life you will help me see

There’s a knock at my door to tell me it’s time

One last look in the mirror, everyone gets in line


My heart skips a beat when the music starts

I see you smile sweetly, it touches my heart

I have waited so long for this day to arrive

Although I’m happy, I fight the need to cry


He walks me down the aisle to give me away

I try to think of the right words to say

He never thought this day would come when I’d leave

Tried to block it from his mind and would not believe


The music ends and I am now at your side

Just a short time before I become your bride

We will say our vows, end with a kiss

Never will we forget the wedding Bliss


By: Meggan Moore