Week of Jan 1 Goal Update


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Goal 1: Become a better blogger: I am starting by making post in advance and will update them as needed before/after they post. I will post my goal update evert Saturday for the previous week!

Weekly Blog Stats:  7 Views, 7 Visitors, 4 likes, 0 Comments

Goal 2 Become Healthier: Starting by tracking calorie intake and weight.               

  • Jan 1: 242.4 pounds : 1725 Calories : SW
  • Jan 2: 241.8 : 1543 : -.6
  • Jan 3: 242:1613:-.4
  • Jan 4: 242.2:1220:-.2
  • Jan 5: 240.8: 1420: -1.6
  • Jan 6: 239.4: 1982 : -3
  • Jan 7: 238.6:1968: -3.8

Goal 3: Grand Opening of The Guest Chef: I was able to get all 82 bottles of old seasoning emptied, washed and dried! We found the water leak and as soon as it warms up a bit we can work on fixing it. We have some of the decor taken down there.

Goal 4: Get our rent house rented: We have not worked on it this week 😦

Goal 5: Get EEC a non profit.  I misplaced the letter from the IRS so have to locate it so we can finish the process of opening a bank account.

Goal 6: Organize and Clean House: Sunday I had my son reorganize and clean it because it didn’t stay clean long. I am going to have to do a room inspection more.

Goal 7: Crochet More: I made a Hermit Crab for my son’s teacher, was supposed to be for her birthday but I procrastinated! I also have started a little dragon.

Have you started working on your goals?

Celebrating 1st pound


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I have started on my weight loss journey. The hardest for me is to get my diet in check. So I started keeping track of my weight and calories daily. I understand your not supposed to track weight daily but I am a rebel!

  • Jan 1: 242.4 pounds : 1725 Calories : SW
  • Jan 2: 241.8 : 1543 : -.6
  • Jan 3: 242:1613:-.4
  • Jan 4: 242.2:1220:-.2
  • Jan 5: 240.8: 1115 : -1.6

I am not intentionally changing my diet this month just focusing on trying to track the calories so it becomes habit. The calories above is more than I consumed because I now am like is it worth all those calories and dump out the drink or don’t eat as much as I had planned.

How are you doing with your weight loss this week?

Happy New Year’s Goal Post


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Unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions never work! I want to make some realistic goals for 2022.

Goal 1: I want to become a regular blogger. I feel it will help me get back into writing on a normal basis because I miss it so much! Also, I hope it will help keep me on track with my other goals!

Goal 2: Become healthier this year than I was last year! That is the main goal but if I can lose weight in the process that would be great too!! I have decided I am going to track my calories and my daily weight. Not going to change my eating dramatically this month, just going to become aware of it. I think that will help me decide what is the worst problem and what changes I should begin to make.

Goal 3: To have the Grand Opening of the Guest Chef and to make it amazing! This business will help the community in so many ways and I really hope the community will embrace it!

Goal 4: To get our first rental house fixed up completely and rented out. We have been procrastinating on it and I want to see us step up and get it ready!

Goal 5: I want to get Electrifying Electra an official non profit. I want to see it grow into something amazing!!

Goal 6: I want to organize and clean my house. We have officially been here a year with little progress. I want to step it up and make it a home I can be proud of and to be able to invite people over!

Goal 7: I want to crochet more. I keep turning down doing shows because I don’t have a lot of inventory that sells. I have a lot of old inventory from when I was first learning but not a lot of new items.

What were your New Year’s Goals? I hope you reach them and so much more!!

Recycling Seasoning Jars


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When we bought the building it had extremely old seasonings. I was just going to toss them. My husband said oh we should clean them up for storage. In his mind he was thinking screws but my mind immediately went to beads. So I emptied them all out. Some had gotten moisture in them so it wasn’t an easy open and pour, I had to dig!! They are now washing and hopefully this evening I can organize beads!!

Into Forever


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He said I should serve his drink with a smile on my face
Said he wanted to see me happy now and always
He doesn't know what my life has been like
About the man who just took off one night

I was dead on my feet when he walked by
He sat down and asked about my night
I wondered why he was taking the time
To talk about what was on my mind

We walked to the dance floor hand in hand
He held me close through the last dance
The night slowly came to an end
He asked if he could see me again

Two weeks later I had a smile on my face
For this was to be my wedding day
I had finally figured out
The love people talk about

The preacher said "You can now kiss the bride"
He pulled me close, I felt so much pride
As we walked down the aisle together
I knew this night had turned into forever

By: Meggan Hamilton

I Wait


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I wait for the day
When we will say
I do for now and always

I wait to be swept away
To go to another place
Watching your handsome face

I wait till we finish plans
The bridesmaid, the groomsman
Where should they all stand

I wait no more
I come through the door
Walk across the floor

I waited till this time
You are now mine
We leave with the receiving line

By: Meggan Hamilton

Waited All Day


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I have waited all day
To see your smiling face
To look into your eyes
To kiss you by surprise
I have waited all day
To whisper, to say
I need you in my arms
To steal all your charm
Waited all day for you
To hold and kiss me too
Tell me you missed me so much
Whisper of your love

By: Meggan Hamilton

In A Daze


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In a daze, she looks across the ocean
Trying to grab onto her enraged emotions
A storm is rolling in from the west
She turned her life into a mess
She gave her heart without the ball and chain
He sold her child, left her to take the blame
Drugs and booze helped her sleep through the night
While her problems rose, she reached for the knife
It has been years since the fatal accident 
Where the last of her life was quickly spent
She dived into the depths of the sea
Said goodbye to the pool of deceit
In a daze, she looks across the ocean
Trying to hold onto her mixed emotions
A breeze is blowing from the west
She lays her mother's burdens to rest

By: Meggan Hamilton

STEP 2: Electric Progress


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We officially have electric at The Guest Chef, We still have more electric work to do on the inside but it is forward progress which is the most important thing!

Now we can continue working on the electric but also work on the plumbing too. I want to have the old bathroom functional before Jan so I can start having the Electrifying Electra Meeting.

Another forward progress is we have started working on getting gas put in. That could take another 10 business days.

Our goal is to have it open by July!