A brief history of the William Alden and Anna Eddy Hawkins family who came from Indiana to Texas in 1848


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This book is by John W. Hawkins. Other than documents I personally own this is the first step in my research. It has a lot of great information and the fact my father is listed in it make it even more interesting to me. I joke with my husband I am American Royalty.

This book is from my side of the family that is related to John Alden from the Mayflower. You can view this book online at the following address


Do you have any great tips when doing your Genealogy?


Weight Loss



I have hit my max weight and so I have no choice but to get busy losing weight.

Starting Weight: 250 Goal Weight 150 Time Frame 1 year

Calorie Intake 1134 per day Weight loss 0.274 per day

Check in will be every Monday Morning!

Do you have a weight loss goal?

If you are sharing your weight loss journey, please let me know in the comments so I can follow you to help encourage you, we can do this alone!

Day One of Journaling


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I started to crochet a dragon, but of course the belly didn’t match up to the belly patch, so I will have to crochet the belly again to make sure I did it right. Have you tried to crochet this dragon yet?


I was able to get everything out of the hallway closet and wipe down the shelves and mop the floor in the closet and hallway. Now to get everything put back once it is freshly washed. Then I will organize it to help in keeping it clean.

I am almost done spring cleaning the kitchen, just a few more loads of dishes to wash and a few more shelves to organize. I am not looking forward to starting on the dining room.

I am working to get all my poetry typed up and organized. I am starting to enter my poems into contest as I work to edit them. I would like to put together a few chapbooks and maybe a poetry collection at some point. I took down all the poems I posted because I did so much editing on them. I thought I could use a fresh start on posting them. If you have some poetry contest you really like post about them below.